Bubu and the Little Owls

Bubu's History


Bubu is born

Uatt?'s creative team, together with artist Luciano Martins, bring our cute Little Owl to life.


Uatt?'s first
product line

A Sales Success

As it quickly became a top-seller, Rafael Biasotto decided to transform the Little Owl into a character. And then, 'Bubu and the Little Owls', the series, was born!





Content, Brand & Licensing

Following bold planning, our Little Owls became a complete brand, and licensing began to take off with transmedia content production for multiple platforms.


Licensed Products in Brazil

With the cartoon project still in progress, strong major brands started to invest in licensing.


Season 1 Premiere

'Bubu and the Little Owls' debuts on Disney Junior, Disney Channel, and TV Cultura.


New Content

A new look at the Little Owls: the creation of alternative content such as 'Sing with Bubu' and 'Dance with Bubu' showcasing a cute and simplified visual line!

International Premieres

'Bubu and the Little Owls' make their debut in several territories, including China, Mexico, the United States, and the Middle East.

Products around the world

Licensing spreads around the globe, and products reach the international market.

Season 2 Premiere

The Little Owls return with new adventures and a fresh new look! Children from over 60 countries watch our stories in different languages as the series is screened on many digital channels and platforms around the world, in addition to Disney Junior and TV Cultura.